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Texts from Santa

So… I was on Instagram and saw this ad for! My son is almost 11 and I figure my time with him believing in Santa is limited, so I wanted to check this out. And, I’m so gad I did! For just $15 (I believe) I signed him up to get daily texts from Santa Claus. Screenshots above are right from my Son’s phone. So cute, right?

And as a side note, the ONLY reason my 10, almost 11 year old, has a phone is because he walks home from school every day. Since I don’t have my eye on him at all times, I believe it is necessary for him to have a phone so we can contact each other. My daughter didn’t get her first phone until 7th grade. But, if your child doesn’t have a phone, I don’t see why you couldn’t sign up on your own phone and show them to your littles from there!

Anyhoo… I completely forgot that I had signed up for this service and my son was showing it to my husband Sunday night when he received the first text. My husband immediately flipped out. He called me into the room to show me and his face had a look of horror on it as he was thinking, “Who the HECK is sending him these texts??” I had to stifle my laugh and quickly moved him to the other room to tell him that it was legit and I had set it up and it wasn’t some creepy person pretending to be Santa.

So, he has been getting texts since Sunday and he’s super stoked. I provided the information on my son’s name, what city we lived in and the name of our elf. You can also give them your pet’s information if you have one and they’ll incorporate that into your child’s text as well.

The only small downfall I see is that my son has been texting him back in response, with no response back from Santa. And how could they? I get it! But, it would be super cool if they had some sort of auto-reply, or an “out-of-office” reply, if you will, just so he knows that Santa is busy and can’t get back to him. No biggie though, I just told him that it would take Santa a lot of time to text everyone back too, so he’s just giving updates on what’s going on in the North Pole. Easy explanation!

So far for me, it’s totally worth $15 to see the smile on his face. I don’t want him to ever lose this innocence, and I absolutely LOVE that he still believes! If I can do it again next year, then I definitely will. In fact, I’m probably committed to it now… and I’m hoping to get a couple more years of believing from him, as long as nobody ruins it for him!

There’s still time to get your texts going! Check out or visit them on Instagram and Facebook as well!

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