Adventures In Santa Barbara- part I

I’m finally getting around to posting a bit more about my trip to Santa Barbara. As I mentioned in a previous post, State Street has been closed to all vehicular traffic. It’s so nice because pedestrians can now walk through the middle of town to shop, enjoy a nice stroll, and check out all of the amazing cuisine Santa Barbara has to offer. ⁣

My trip was in June, so I’m really hoping everything will stay open for a while. Restaurants have been given the opportunity to expand over to sidewalks and into the street to accommodate restaurant owners and diners alike. ⁣

My Mom and I had a chance to stop in for a quick drink at Institution Ale Company. We found the perfect spot under a gorgeous shade tree. I initially thought they only served beer, but once I got inside to order, I realized they sell wine as well. But we decided to just go with a nice lager to change it up. While I waited for our beers, I decided to snap some pictures of this cute “little” place. ⁣

It ended up being a lot bigger than I thought. There was a whole, entire back room with some table games, video games and an entire back patio. Who knew?⁣

We sat out front and enjoyed our beer, while we people watching and also observed some pretty amazing food being served. The pizza smelled like heaven and the salads… they’re HUGE! ⁣

We had already had lunch, but we’ll most definitely be back again with the rest of our squad for some pizza and drinks. ⁣

Check out Institution Ale Company, (beer brewed out of Camarillo, CA) on their website:!⁣

Check back soon for more adventures and pictures of beautiful Santa Barbara!

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