Farm Fresh To you

Looks whose Farm Fresh to You box came! Woot! I absolutely love this service. Since I’ve become an Arbonne consultant, I’ve learned a lot about eating organic, fresh fruits and veggies!

Here’s how it works: 

1. You sign up to receive a box either weekly or bi-weekly. 

2. Up to two days before your delivery, you log into your account and pick the fresh produce you would like to be delivered directly to your door! It’s fully customizable! 

3. The produce is fresh, organic and grown on local farms. 

4. You can order more than just fruits and veggies. They have fresh pies, jams, eggs, dairy and so much more! 

I also wanted to note that some fruits and veggies are okay to NOT be organic, while others you definitely want to be organic! Just reach out if you’d like to know which ones! 

If you’d like to check this service out, and see if they deliver to your area, just click this link. And… if you like a good discount, USE CODE: ASHL3587 to save $15 off your first box!

Happy, Healthy shopping!